You are special

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, members of the so-called Generation X were the recipients of a comforting message: You are special, you can do anything you want, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are special because you are unique. You can do anything you want because you have will power, and […]

Be honest with yourself

Recently an article was brought to my attention that got my goat. Without getting into details (it was education related), the piece had a headline that began with the words “Research Shows…” and indicated that the reader would be surprised to find out what the research concluded, in a “we’ve been wrong all this time” […]

The agony of witnessing relentless ineptitude

Recently I read an anonymous comment on social media proclaiming it was time for some political activists to turn silent. The commenter used a sports analogy; he proclaimed he thoroughly disliked the New England Patriots, but that the game was over, and he was not interested in protesting the outcome. He’s thinking about next season, […]

It really is about the math

It really is about the math. Every time I hear someone proudly announce how bad he or she is at math, I am reminded about the neglect of the American school system. Every time I read an article about how our own U.S. Education Secretary thinks public funded school choice is the answer to our […]

Anger, blame, and the myth of evil

I used to have this recurring nightmare, like a monster nightmare, except the “monster” was really a gigantic King Kong sized human baby, hungry, in need of a diaper change, romping through city streets causing havoc. Think of how loud a three month-old baby’s wailing can be, and then imagine it coming from a baby […]

How Can You Possibly Think That?

There have been more occasions than I can count over the past 18 months that have left me asking the question, how is it possible someone can think such a thing? Many times I have gotten myself into an ugly argumentative quagmire when I confront the person or persons whom I am in grave disagreement […]

Everything You Know In Your Heart Is Wrong

Everything you know in your heart is wrong. That’s what I tell myself before I develop an opinion about something, because if my “heart” is the only place I seem to “know” it, then my “knowing” is based on emotion, hope, or a hunch, and not evidence. When I fail to seek convincing evidence to […]