About the author

Currently working as the K-6 Math Strategist for RSU 5, I have worked in environmental education, experiential education, alternative education, adult education, special education and finally, public education. My public school teaching experience is at the middle and elementary levels, first as a math teacher, and now as a math strategist and coach.

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James Gale

I believe that there is math in everything, and therefore everyone can and should be a “math person,” among other things. I feel the same way about art.

I love to teach math, but even more than that I love to write, create, and find ways to solve problems. I believe teaching anything is an art form and should be a magical experience, full of joy and inspiration. The Unrealized Maine Classroom is my attempt to sway the trends of my chosen profession away from the data-driven, value-added, and growth-obsessed mindset and toward a culture of innovation and excellence in the classroom. Teachers need room to breathe, time to think, and the flexibility to achieve greatness so their students are moved and motivated to do amazing things themselves. Learning is a natural activity for our brains, like running is for our legs and eating is for our digestive system. Maine’s young people deserve learning opportunities that challenge them in a way that is exciting and inspiring, and it is our responsibility as public school educators to provide those opportunities.

When I am not working or blogging, I run, I read, and listen to music, and I play music.