I am feeling powerless.

It is beginning to feel like things in my country are out of control, and I am feeling powerless to change it. I will vote my conscience every election day, don’t get me wrong. I will vote, and I will encourage others to vote, and I will be passionate about it. But it is not […]

Easter is so not the most religious American holiday

Nothing portrays a culture’s religious traditions better than the people, places and things of that culture. This time of year we celebrate the once rebirth-themed religious holiday with pastel candy eggs, marshmallow birds and chocolate bunnies. Some say Easter is our culture’s most religious holiday, but I don’t think that is true. I once devoted […]

When one of us is wrong

I hate disagreeing with people, and I wish it didn’t have to be that way. Really, a disagreement ought to be kind of exciting, like a mystery. As in, we have two different perspectives here, let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this. Let’s more closely examine the evidence, or even search […]

Detritus on the playing field

Public education is in the news again. I teach in a public school. It has not been an easy run, but it is always an adventure. Teaching is complex, challenging, at times frustrating, at times tragic. There are great triumphs and there are dizzying setbacks. We feel good about what we do, but we’ve each […]

The case for going fast

“I tried that once,” some of my friends have said about cross-country skiing, my absolute favorite outdoor recreational activity beyond all others, “but I didn’t like it.” Sadly, this most misunderstood sport is often dismissed due to errant reasoning. “If I’m going to put on skis, I prefer to actually ski down hills,” or, “I […]

At the whim of a beast

Elizabeth Kolbert writes in this week’s New Yorker about nations’ continuing and worsening habit of pretending to care about climate change amidst mounting, blinding evidence that the planet is in greater and more imminent danger than previously thought. It’s my biggest beef with both apathetic voters who increasingly claim they “hate politics” and politicians who […]

Best to avoid catastrophes

I recently watched a video online filmed from a car driving through one of the latest major wildfires in California. Maybe you saw it too. In the video, which is frightening and difficult to watch, you can hear someone in the car praying out loud for the ultimate safety of the passengers. Often the significance […]

This is going to be a long day

When I’m about to head out on a long morning run, it is daunting, even slightly intimidating. Running is hard. I do not love it. If I’ve been sleeping, my forty-six year old body is stiff from hours of being horizontal and motionless, and at that hour, the thought of exercise just makes me want […]

Speaking of evidence

I’m going to put my educator’s hat on for a minute here. Actually, my educator’s hat is pretty much permanently affixed to my skull at this point, being that we just completed the first week of school and we educators have basically been eating, breathing and sleeping school-related everything since well before the doors opened […]