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Changing the Climate and Culture of Teaching

Since the first Unrealized Maine Classroom entry over three months ago, I have been especially preoccupied with the theme of non-instructional professional time for public school educators.  The unofficial UMC philosophy is that while there are many elements of public education in Maine and America that hinder its mission to thrust the most prepared and […]

Beyond 90 Minutes of Math and Reading

Teaching in a variety of educational settings has taught me there are many ways to facilitate learning. If there is one great thing about expeditionary learning, is it incorporates many academic content areas, or school subjects, into a real-life learning experience. The challenge with this kind of learning experience is it does not fit very […]

What Maine Can Do

I had conversations with two teachers this week about the great value of professional time embedded in their work day.  One was a public school teacher and the other was a former colleague of mine, currently employed at a private school. While the topics were the same, the conversations were very different. The first conversation […]

Teacher Evaluation

The Unrealized Maine Classroom is an ongoing conversation about what it takes to incorporate innovation and excellence into the lessons taught in public schools, in order that we engage and even inspire public school students in this digital age.  I have vowed to keep the conversation positive, as we all know that whining about how […]

For All You Do.

We want students in our public schools to strive for innovation and excellence in their learning.  This means they need opportunities to explore, create, discover, experiment, take risks, make revisions, and feel confident in a final product, solution, or conclusion.  In order for students to learn that way, their teachers need to have the flexibility […]

Testing… Testing… 1,2,3… 4,5,6, etc..

For the last few weeks, across Maine, students in grades 3 and up have been in the midst of standardized testing.  Kids don’t like taking tests, teachers don’t like giving tests, most parents don’t like their children taking so many tests, even school administrators get headaches from scheduling tests.  It is a perennial period of […]